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1943: Operation Restored Hope

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  • 1943: Operation Restored Hope

    We know what happened to the German army in 1944 and 1945. But in 1943, no one could say what was about to happen.


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    No one knew before Kursk, but everyone knew after, so in summer things were quite clear. Teheran november conference show this.


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      The article, while I agree with the premise, is long on ideas, short on substance. More important than Kursk, and especially Italy, was the bombing campaign. Had Hitler been fully interested in stopping it, it probably would have been cancelled as far too costly. Resources could then have been reallocated to Speer's belated economic rationalization, and probably allowed a wider distribution of the vaunted 88s to the east and west front. Even if Germany could not 'win,' it might have been able to fight in 44 and 45 with more equipment, more food, more everything and survived with a forced peace. Or atomic bombing, but I don't think the Allies would risk atomic war with Germany, as they fully expected the Germans to be cable of retaliating in kind. The trick to peace would have been Hitler, as it would have made peace difficult to make and impossible to trust with Hitler alive. A Germany blooding the Allies' noses and run by the Wehrmacht, I think a peace would be much easier.
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