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Henri Chatillonā??s Heart of Lightness

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  • Henri Chatillonā??s Heart of Lightness

    Buffalo hunter and guide Henri Chatillonā??s enlightened relationship with the Lakotas had a lasting influence on frontier historian Francis Parkman


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    Sir,this is exactly the type of frontiersman, Chatillon, that contemporaries simply forgot at the time.

    The very fact that he was with the more 'civilized' Lakota should not be something that argues against this. Some have complained that the Lakota were a tribe that were almost too willing to take on the ways of the whiteman, a criticism i find hard to beieve as a Paleface, but would find easier to believe as an Indian.

    Nevertheless, Henry Chatillion should have a larger place in hallowed names of frontiersman of his day.

    Concerning the painting, the author raises the point that Chatillion put this haunting painting away in the floorboards to spare his second wife's feeling. Was there another, more tribal explanation, though?

    Do the Lakota have a similar taboo to other aboriginal people, namely, that images of dead persons are not something they like to run across? I have not seen other tribes attempt portraiture in their artwork, like the Sioux, or the Cheyenne. A small point. I mention this in relation to the TRIBAL Lakota, not the modern Lakota that have dropped many of their old practices.

    Frontiersman suffered from marginalizing of their experiences. In these more enlightened times, maybe this is something that a periodical, like Wild West, can change. A spillover effect could see more of their view of the plains indians as a standard in popular history.

    thanks for posting.

    BTW..I took the liberty of posting wild West's article on 'Doc' Holliday from your April 1994 issue. I did mention the original author, and the fact that it was lifted from the very periodical that so generously sponsors this forum.

    Hope you don't mind
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