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Wall WEBSITE attacked by Turkish Terrorists

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  • Wall WEBSITE attacked by Turkish Terrorists

    "To the Wall USA visitors:
    As some of might know the Wall USA was hacked into by a "terrorist group" in Turkey... Thats what Im calling them anyway... The bad news is they have damaged the database we use here at the Wall USA.. We have got it back up and running but we lost any messages or comments that were left between Sept 11, 2007 and Sept 23, 2007..But everything that was posted pror to that seems to be ok. I just hope the hacker is done with the Wall site and leaves us alone. If anyone left a message during that time please re summit it. Thanks for your support during this time..For more information on who hacked into us read the Washington Post Report below.
    Webmaster Wall USA
    I guess they were pissed because there is no site for those who kill innocent unarmed civilians and children like at 9/11 and Beslan.

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