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    This is my first post to any of the Forums. I am up against a wall in trying to identify a particular issue of Vietnam magazine.

    Some years ago I read an article in Vietnam Magazine (possibly an article in "Personality") about the MIA crew from Dustoff 90 that disappeared on a flight from Ban Me Thuot to Gia Nghai Special Forces camp. Either a nurse wrote the article, or she made comments in Personality about the article. This was many years ago and I do not recall all of the details.

    I cannot find that article anywhere. I have searched every Vietnam issue that I have. I called the publisher, to no avail. What I am seeking is the identity of the Nurse that wrote the article. I am fairly certain that she resided in California. She was related to Alan Gunn. I wish to contact her to possilby provide more information about Alan. Alan and I were roomies during Flight School at Ft. Wolters.

    This is a long shot, but wondering if anyone remembers the article and/or can identify the issue that contained the story.

    Thanks a million,


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    Ken, I'm Alan's little brother. Our sister was a nurse back in the day, but did not write any articles about him. Would like to hear from you. Thanks, Ross


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