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Russo-Japanese War: Japan's First Big Surprise

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  • Russo-Japanese War: Japan's First Big Surprise

    Decades before World War II, Japan demonstrated its military might to Russia and the other Great Powers


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    Well those fanatic fighters would always have some tricks in their sleeves...
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      Here is an exerpt from the Memoirs of Max von Hoffman who was Germany's miitary attaché to Japan during the Russo'Japanese war:

      In every battle, Kuropatkin, the Russian Commander-in-Chief, in the Manchurian campaign, had victory in his hand ; he only required to have the firm resolve of closing his hand in order to grasp the victory, but he never had the energy to take this resolve.
      The battle of Liauyang was a typical example of his method. The Japanese frontal attack on Liauyang from the south had miscarried. General Kuroki decided to make the bold attempt of withdrawing the mass of his First Army across the Taitsu-Ho and to bring about a decision by attacking the heights east of Liauyang. Between the Taitsu-Ho and the Division of the Guards that was fighting in connection with the Fourth Japanese Army—a distance of about five English miles—he only left six companies, which were distributed in small groups on the summits of the hills, to deceive the Russians into the belief that they were strongly held. The Russians had only to attack these points for the fate of the Japanese Army to have been sealed. The Division of the Guards would then have been encircled, the First and Second Japanese Armies would have been forced to the south-west, and Kuroki would have been driven into the hills. I myself passed forty-eight hours with one of these Japanese Groups ; we had the Russians, at a distance of 2500-3000 metres in thickly lined trenches in front of us ; they did not move. When Kuroki's troops made themselves felt on the North bank of the Taitsu-Ho, and the 15th Brigade attacked the Knoll, that the Japanese call Manju-Yama, and the Russians Hsi-Kuan-tun, Kuropatkin's whole attention and care was concentrated upon this one point. The whole of his reserves were massed in this one menaced spot and exhausted in hopeless counter-attacks on the Knoll that the 15th Brigade had taken. The Southern front, where an easy success was beckoning to him was taken no account of ; and when it became clear that they could not retake the little Knoll Hsi-Kuan-tun, a retirement was ordered, without any reason. Thus it was at Liauyang and likewise at Strako and Mukden.
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