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    A few months ago, I posted the following message, but it seems it was premature. We've had a change in our Web site management, and the quiz I thought was being regularly posted wasn't. Now at least one is up, and can be found at Maybe these questions will seem a bit more relevant now. A quiz for each of the last two issues will soon be posted. This is what I wrote before:
    For the past few issues, we've put teasing questions on the MHQ Web site, to test your knowledge of the current issue. The answers are in various stories, ideally only one in each story. Our intent is that you have to read the story to find the answers; they're not typically general knowledge.
    Have you taken one or more tests? Can you find them easily? Do you take the test before reading the issue and then try to find the answers? While you're reading? After?
    What's your general level of satisfaction? Are the questions too easy? Too hard? Too obscure?
    Is there something we could do that would increase your interest?

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    Two quizzes are online

    I just added another quiz to the history quizzes section on HistoryNet. Here are the links to the quizzes:

    MHQ Winter 2008 Quiz

    MHQ Autumn 2007 Quiz

    I am also curious as to what people think about these quizzes. Do you like having them based on our magazines or about specific topics like our others?

    Let us know what you think.


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      The links helped in spurring me to take the quiz.

      The questions aren't too obscure, but I shouldn't have waited several weeks after reading the Winter '08 issue to take the quiz!

      Also tells me which articles were most interesting/memorable to me.


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        Thanks, that was fun.
        Those that forget history are condemed to repeat it.
        If you're going to be one you might as well be a BIG RED ONE


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