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If Ben Franklin were alive today?

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  • If Ben Franklin were alive today?

    If Ben Franklin were alive today, what would he be doing?

    I'll assume he was born in 1962, when I was born.

    I think he would have shown himself as a genius early, and would have won awards at Science Fairs, and the like. He would have won a scholarship to a great University, where he would study math and physics. He would in his spare time run a computer business, which would eventually become so interesting and successful he would drop out of school. By the time he was 30 he would be very rich. He would then be free to pursue his interests, which would focus on making sure everyone in the world has enough to eat and on trying to contact alien civilizations.

    P.S I got this idea from an excellent article on by Steven Johnson about Franklin and Joseph Priestley.
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    He'd be Bill Gates...
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      If Ben Franklin were alive today...

      He'd be screaming, kicking and yelling "GET ME OUT OF THIS COFFIN!! I CAN'T BREATH!!"
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