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    Dear Sir...

    How do i obtain permission to use articles from the various history magazines in their entirity on our site.

    I would like to post Western Articles from Wild West Magazine, for instance. I have one on clay allison that i think our members have not been exposed to. Others about custer, (Washita, and Rosebud, and a nice little piece about him and Libby). all this, I assume, needs permission from the publishers.

    Is this the right manner and forum to ask for that permission? Surely "Wild West" magazine alone would have no objections to posting their own articles on their own website?

    Thanks for your time.

    Drusus Nero...aka..Christopher Jensen, Darwin, Australia.
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    I wouldn't post anything like that without prior permission. If you go to the magazine's home page you should find contact information that will get you to the people who can properly inform you about reproduction rights.
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