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  • Civil War Times Magazine Collection for Sale

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to find info about selling a collection of these magazines for a friend and want to know any information regard their value and if anyone would want to buy them.

    They are issues ranging from February 1982 to May 89. The set seems to be missing a few monthly issues 5 or 6, but all the magazines are in immaculate condition.

    If anyone has any advice they could give me on maybe where to sell them or find someone thats interested, please PM me.


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    I would consider Ebay as probably the best overall venue...

    Or try a classified ad in Civil War Times.
    Armchair General Magazine
    Weider History Group


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      Schoolboy--you might also try some of the shops in major Civil War towns like Gettysburg or Fredericksburg. The Horse Soldier in Gettysburg (possibly the finest military antiques dealer in the country) sells back issues, as do several other antiques dealers in town. Same with Fredericksburg--you might try antiques dealers or some of the many art dealers that sell Civil War paintings.
      As the boss said, ebay might be the best overall option, as you will certainly reach the most people that way, and a classified ad in the magazine will naturally put you in front of your target audience. The copies of the back issues don't sell for a tremendous amount of money (shops in Gettysburg usually charge somewhere around $2 an issue) but there is always a market for them. People are often looking to fill out a collection they already have, or start a new one, and collecting Civil War Times is fairly widespread amongst our readers. I have a collection myself that was started by my grandfather and continued by my father and I. Little did I know back when I started contributing to it that one day I would have such immediate access to fresh new copies.
      Good luck.
      Chris W. Lewis
      Editor, Civil War Times Illustrated


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