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Braxton Bragg Reconsidered

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  • Braxton Bragg Reconsidered

    Does reviled Confederate general Braxton Bragg deserves more credit for his accomplishments?


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    Well, he did okay at Shiloh and thumped Rosecrans at Chickamauga...

    ...only to not do much of anything afterwards except to get obliterated at Chattanooga and relieved of his command.
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      Bragg was a master of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. I agree that his Kentucky campaign changed the strategic situation in the Western Theater.
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        I'm going to do a little thinking about this one. Braxton has always been a sentimental favourite of mine since I read Gallagher and Glatthaar's, "Leaders of The Lost Cause"

        If nothing else, Bragg's caustic comments and others reactions to him, and antics as a commander in his entire career made hilarious reading.

        I am determined to find something nice to say. Someone has already beaten me to it here about his good performance as General of Reserves at Shiloh. And that is what got me thinking. wehther Braggs sarcasm wasn't the reason for his subordinates to readily disobey him, and then use his record to get away with such. When you are a divisional general in a period with no modern communications as this one, it's relatively easy to gang up on the boss if your other divisional generals are of like mind, or if some of them have their eyes firmly focussed on removing Bragg to further their careers.

        I'll get back to this one Mr.Guthrie. It's something that needs to be talked about, and has been coming for a long time.

        Stay tuned for more from me.
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