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Civil War identity Disc for Sailor? New York?

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  • Civil War identity Disc for Sailor? New York?

    I came across this disc while down in Florida. Any opinions would be appreciated. It has the look of a Civil War Identity Disc and looks to be from that period.This one has the Name, " G.P. WRIGHT". From what I have researched, there was a Sloop by that name that frequently went to New York in the 1860-1870s. The disc is stamped, "BOAT 12". Initially, I thought it could have been a disc off a key ring for a lifeboat, but a Sloop is too small to have 12 lifeboats. I was thinking that it could be an I.D. Disc that maybe was worn by a Sailor, that when he was either drunk, arrested, etc... It would tell the Cop, Concerned person, Etc.. what ship he belonged to. I thought that it could possibly translate like this"

    G.P. WRIGHT: Ship on which he was a Sailor
    Boat 12: 12th ship on the dock
    Foot W. 10TH. St.: Pier on West 10th St.

    I would be interested on what anyone in the forum may think. Thanks
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