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New find in N.C. - Confederate Bowie Knife?

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  • New find in N.C. - Confederate Bowie Knife?

    I found this knife this weekend in North Carolina just over the border with South Carolina. I was wondering if anyone has seen a knife like this and could it possibly be Confederate manufactured? It was in a group of knives that were very old, but factory manufactured. This one is obviously hand made and looks like a huge Bowie knife without the crossguard. I saw one once years ago that looked like this but was just the metal because it was dug. BTW, it was not sold as a knife with any Confederate lineage, I bought it for $9. Any one have any opinions? Thanks
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    Every Bowie Knife is Confederate Bowie Knife.
    If it were a "Yankee Bowie Knife" it would be called a pansy-knife!


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      Quick thoughts: My gut feeling is that it looks too nice. Of course the wood may be new relative to the blade.

      It does not look like this guy's knife (but I certainly would not expect every one, or even most of them to look exactly alike in the same styles)


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        or this guy's


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          Consulting purported confed bowie knives on google images:

          It appears rare to find one that has blade fit so flush with the width of the hilt like that. Can't find a single image without a cross-gaurd above the handle.

          Here is a purported one I found that has a flush blade-to-hilt
          OK can't post the pic directly. You have to click the link


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            I am no expert but this sure looks like a kitchen or butchers knive to me.
            I have a couple of K-bars which look similar.


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              Thanks for the input. The handle is definitely originial to the blade, it was not put on after. the rivets have the same patina and age as the blade. At first glance I thought it could be some type of kitchen knife,but the large size, the fact that it was hand made as well as the shape of blade (Bowie type point)made me think it could be either some type of Confederate blade or hand made hunting knife.


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                What mimike said. Looks to be from 1930's-1950's. and made from a butcher knife.


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                  Where they still making kitchen knives by hand in between the 30's and 50's. ? I would think that the industry was pretty commercialized by then. I could see it being a kitchen knife, but a bit earlier than 1930. Either way it's a nice knife for $9


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                    I have tried to research all designs for butcher blades dating to the 1800's and all have the blade design as seen in the attached pics. The blade I have has that Bowie style blade. If not CW then Maybe it could be some type of Southern made hunting knife dating to the late 1800's???????
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                      Ryan Blackburn

                      There are many blade places to select from as well as price varies. While you won't want to invest more than your price range allows, there are a few factors you should look for when shopping for your new blade set.


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