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    I was sadly surprised to see that Richard M. Johnson is still being given any possible credit for killing Tecumseh, and even more sad to see artwork that depicts an event that couldn't have happened. Johnson was a fraud. There is significant recent research that makes a Kentucky private named David King as the man who actually killed Tecumseh.

    I am a very distant descendant of William Whitley who died within 10 feet of where Tecumseh fell, and who's rifle King picked up to shoot Tecumseh. I have heard this story in my family's oral history from childhood, and I've spent the last thirty years trying to prove the the story as a myth only to find out that it was fact. Given the current knowledge of the "death of Tecumseh" how can Richard M. Johnson even be the "reputed" killer of Tecumseh. It was David King, redhaired farmboy from Lincoln County, Kentucky.

    Let's stop perpetuating a politically based lie.
    Lance W.

    Peace through superior firepower.

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