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  • Portugal at its best!


    Portugal no seu melhor!

    Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Alphabet

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    Learn Portuguese while sleeping (almost) - with relaxing music (native speaker from Portugal)


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      Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - 100 verbs (eu)


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        Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Irregular verbs (I)


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          Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Irregular verbs (II)

          Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Numbers


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            Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Saying the date


            Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Three biographies (eu, tu, ele)


            Learn European Portuguese (Portugal) - Vocabulary: At the coffee shop


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     = Video in Portuguese

              A mãe de todas as árvores. A mais antiga árvore de Portugal tem 3350 anos

              The mother of all trees. The oldest tree in Portugal is 3350 years old

              In Portugal they make tea with the leaves of the olive tree.
              I am not aware if other countries also do it.

              Em Portugal fazem chá com as folhas da Oliveira.
              Não tenho conhecimento se outros países tambem o faz.


              Como Curtir azeitonas, simples e saborosas. How to enjoy olives, simple and tasty.


              As oliveiras em Portugal carregadas de azeitonas e o processo de curti-las-Lá Vai Maria

              Olive trees in Portugal loaded with olives and the process of enjoying them-There goes Maria

              2 liters of mineral water
              4 tablespoons with coarse salt
              2 bay leaves
              A tablespoon with olive oil
              Put lemon peel in the last place close the lid after one month open the lid remove the lemon peels the holly beans are ready to eat.


              2 litros de água mineral
              4 colheres de sopa com sal grosso
              2 Folhas de Louro
              Uma colher de sopa com azeite
              Colocar casca de limão em ultimo lugar fechar a tampa passado um mês abre a tampa retire as cascas de limão as azeironas estão prontas a comer.


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                Discover Oliveira de Azeméis, a typical city in Portugal !!!

                From the 3rd minute on, there's the story of Oliveira.

                Oliveira was planted in front of Camãra de Oliveira de Azeméis in 2008 and was offered by a citizen. When the olive tree was planted it was 460 years old adding + 12 equal to 472 years old that has this Oliveira that you see in the video

                A partir do minuto 3 tem a história da Oliveira.

                A Oliveira foi plantada em frente á Camãra de Oliveira de Azeméis em 2008 foi oferecida por um cidadão. A oliveira quando foi plantada tinha 460 anos de idade somando + 12 igual a 472 anos que tem esta Oliveira que vê no video


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                  Video in English


                  Serra da Estrela: Can’t Believe How BEAUTIFUL This Place is | Portugal


                  Piódão: A Aldeia Mais PERFEITA de Portugal!

                  Piódão: The Most PERFECT Village in Portugal!


                  The ONLY Place You Can Ski in Portugal | Serra da Estrela


                  Nazaré and The Biggest Waves in the World


         link in portuguese


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