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  • Roman Portugal

    Roman Portugal - Portugal Romano

    Roman remains in Portugal - Vestígios romanos em Portugal

    Conimbriga | Roman ruins | Portugal - Conimbriga | Ruinas Romanas | Portugal ( Conimbriga and the city Coimbra - Conimbriga e a cidade Coimbra )

    Discovering the ruins of the Roman Conímbriga - 2012 - À descoberta das ruínas da Conímbriga Romana - 2012

    Roman mosaics from Conimbriga Portugal - Mosaicos romanos de Conimbriga Portugal

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    Documentary: Conímbriga, Hidden City - Documentário: Conímbriga, Cidade Escondida = Vedeo in Portuguese

    Conimbriga Monographic Museum - Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga ---------- Conimbriga central Portugal

    Braga Romana 2015 - Reviver Bracara Augusta

    Braga Romana 2015 - aftermovie

    Rediscover: Braga Romana - A taste of ancient Rome

    City Braga North Portugal is the most Roman city in Portugal

    Ruins of Bracara Augusta - Ruínas de Bracara Augusta


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      Ruins of Bracara Augusta - Ruínas de Bracara Augusta


      Chaves City The oldest Roman bridge in Portugal, age 2000 years

      Roman Bridge of Trajan, Chaves, Portugal - Bridge name Trajano


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        Link to view photos ANMMAIA Roman Ruins

        Ammaia, in Alentejo, is located in the parish of São Salvador da Aramenha, Marvão municipality, Portalegre district, Portugal. These are the ruins of an ancient Roman city located in a valley today in the heart of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park.

        In portuguese

        Ammaia, no Alentejo, localiza-se na freguesia de São Salvador da Aramenha, concelho de Marvão, distrito de Portalegre, em Portugal. Trata-se das ruínas de uma antiga cidade romana situada num vale hoje no coração do Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede.

        Ammaia - A Roman City in Lusitania | A Roman Town in Lusitania

        Ammaia - Uma Cidade Romana na Lusitânia | A Roman Town in Lusitânia

        Ammaia - A Roman City in Lusitania | A Roman Town in Lusitania

        Vedeo in English - Vedeo em Inglês


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          City of Ammaia Marvão - Cidade da Ammaia Marvão

          Lusitânia Hispania Roman Lusitânia Portucalense today Portugal

          Iberian Peninsula Colony of the Roman Empire Hispania
          Lusitania name older than Hispania
          Lusitânia Portucalense 1095 Today Portugal

          Marvão aerial view - Marvão vista aérea - 4K Ultra HD - Marvão Anmmaia Near the Spain border

          History Channel | Unknown Portugal II - Roman Ruins of Troia

          Canal História | Portugal Desconhecido II - Ruínas Romanas de Troia

          Tróia near the city Setubal vedeo in Portuguese

          Roman bowls for salting fish

          Roman City of Miróbriga, Santiago do Cacém - Cidade Romana de Miróbriga, Santiago do Cacém

          Santiago do Cacém, MIROBRIGA


          Like vedeos

          Inglês: «thanks»
          Francês: «merci»
          Castelhano: «gracias»
          Alemão: «danke»
          Japonês: «arigatō»'
          Português: «« obrigado»


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   - I see English subtitles

            The Gold of Tresminas - Cultural Landscape and Roman Mining Technology (Vila Pouca de Aguiar)

            Three mines - Três minas - Tresminas


            Roman Mines of Valongo Minas Romanas de Valongo = Valongo small town, is close to the city of Porto

            Did the Romans take all the gold? - Será que os romanos levaram o ouro todo?


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              Roman Villa of Pisões | Alentejo Tourism


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                Discovered Roman Aqueduct - Descoberto Aqueduto Romano

                Temple of Diana Roman city Evora



                Link .Milreu

                Roman ruins of Milreu - Ruínas romanas de Milreu

                Link to the photos, when you open the link, click and top any photo, on the right side of the PC you will have better information, but you have to do the Portuguese to English translation.

                In portuguese

                Link das fotos,quando abrir o link clique e cima de qualquer foto,no lado direitodo pc vai ter melhor informação,só que tem que fazer a tradução português para inglês.

                Click where they say in Portuguese (see more) Click »» ver mais )


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                  As vias Romanas em Portugal - The Roman roads in Portugal



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                    Rio Tejo - River Tejo

                    Alcântara Roman bridge, between Portugal and Spain ... Ponte romana de Alcântara, entre Portugal e Espanha…

                    International Roman Bridge over the Tagus River Border between the two countries.

                    Ponte Romana internacional sobre o Rio Tejo Fronteira entre os dois países.

                    From the 13th century until today, one of the arches was cut several times in the wars and rebuilt afterwards.

                    In 1475, in the struggles of Castile and Portugal, when they thought to overthrow him to prevent Alfonso V from crossing him, he was saved by the gallantry of the Portuguese who sent to tell his enemy the Duke of Villahermosa that he would turn around, because "he did not want the kingdom of Castile with less that building ".

                    Later it was recomposed by Carlos V in 1543, defacing the profile of the central arch, later by Carlos III and again, in 1860, by Dona Isabel II. In this last restoration, century. XIX, the joints of the stones were covered.


                    Its situation by the Tagus River, and its proximity to the Portuguese border, will be two determining factors of its historical and artistic past.

                    Magnificent artistic works are preserved, ranging from prehistoric times to the Modern Age, which is why Alcântara can be considered an exceptional population, as it contains a rich artistic heritage. It was the birthplace of São Pedro de Alcântara, a mystical reformer of the Franciscan Order.

                    The existence of population groups in its surroundings during prehistory certifies us the finding of megalithic tombs and a fortified settlement from the Iron Age. During Roman domination, an important construction company will be carried out, such as the construction of a bridge over the Tagus River.


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                      Centocelas Tower - Torre Centocelas = Torre de Centum Cellas - Centum Cellas Tower

                      Roman building, of indefinite function, probably integrated in a Roman villa

                      Edifício romano, de função indefinida, provavelmente integrado numa villa romana

                      In Belmonte where Pedro Alvares Cabral was born who discovered Santa Vera Cruz in 1500 today Brazil

                      Em Belmonte terra onde nasceu Pedro Alvares Cabral que descobriu Santa Vera Cruz em 1500 hoje Brasil

                      Roman Roads in Portugal


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                        Roman bridge in Ponte de Lima small town in northern Portugal - Ponte Romana em Ponte de Lima pequena cidade do norte Portugal

                        Bridge over the Erges River - Border Portugal Spain ..
                        Ponte sobre o Rio Erges - Fronteira Portugal Espanha ..


                        Roman Bridge over the River Sabor - Portugal | Bridge located in…
                        Ponte Romana sobre o Rio Sabor - Portugal | Ponte situada no…

                        Roman Bridge over the River Sabor - Portugal
                        Bridge located on the flavor river, between Izeda and Santulhão, consisting of five arches: four medium and the middle one quite large. It was built by the Romans.
                        In 1860, due to a great flood, the river destroyed part of it. In the years 1938 renovation works took place.


                        Ponte Romana sobre o Rio Sabor - Portugal
                        Ponte situada no rio sabor, entre Izeda e Santulhão, constituída por cinco arcos : quatro medianos e o do meio bastante grande. Foi construída pelos romanos.
                        Em 1860, devido a uma grande cheia, o rio destruiu uma parte dela. Pelos anos 1938 deram-se as obras de renovação.


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                          Roman Ruins Cerro da Village(Vilamoura), Algarve Portugal ...

                          Ruínas Romanas Cerro Vila Vilamoura Algarve


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                            Roman Ruins Cerro da Village(Vilamoura), Algarve Portugal ...

                            Ruínas Romanas Cerro Vila Vilamoura Algarve


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                              Leça da Palmeira - ancient Romanesque bridge connecting Matosinhos

                              The bridge, consisting of 19 arches, was demolished in 1958 to build the Port of Leixões for maritime navigation

                              Matosinhos city where I was born. Leça da Palmeira where I live.


                              In portuguese

                              Leça da Palmeira - antiga ponte românica de ligação a Matosinhos

                              A ponte, constituída por 19 arcos, foi foi demolida em 1958 para construir o Porto de Leixões para a navegação maritima

                              Matosinhos cidade onde nasci. Leça da Palmeira onde eu vivo.


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