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  • Im back

    Im back once again folks.

    I'm sorry for not being active for two or three months. I was moving into my own apartment and finishing exams and what not. But I am now back.

    I also had an idea with some of my friends. We came up with an idea to purchase our own domain and hosting then create a political website only its more of an opinionated website which is what we had in mind as opposed to just pure facts and discussion but has to be backed up in facts. Now I am not promoting it since its not even created yet nor do I want to break the terms of service agreement. Since I still will be an active member even if my friends and I go through with it.

    Basically what Im looking for is people who keep up actively with todays domestic and political issues and can write frequent articles and present factual information.

    But then again this is only an idea but I have the marketing, design team, and some article writers (my friends already).

    But yah just curious.

    But anyways....I am very glad to be back and looking forward to join some intense but good debates.

    Hope everyone who Ive actively spoken to before had a good last couple of months. See you on the forums!


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    welcome back....


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      Welcome back to the forums.
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        Welcome back man

        Let me know if you go through with the idea, I'd be happy to drop in once in a while...


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          welcome back
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