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    About me, I was born in 1962 in Jackson,MS.
    As a child,in the late 60's I vividly remember laying on the living-room floor watching casualty reports and other news of the war on the
    old black & white.....
    I would be filled with a since of fear and dread and concern for Our fighting men....
    As a boy with a vivid imagination, I thought that the war would still be going on when I came of age.
    I decided that I would be first in line to join up when that day came..... Time passed and the war ended?... and those who could, came
    home.... were greeted with a reception that still sickens me too this day.....

    I grew up and became close friends with several verterens...... We deer hunted, drank alot of whiskey,generally caused alot of commotion and had
    lots of fun ....I laughed with them and on rare occasions would see a tear shed while sitting around the campfire when they thought of fallen comrads,
    I've seen the "1000 yard stare" in their eyes........

    Johnny Martin, Demo. Expert, A very modest man who will tell you he never saw any "action"...... I know different, I saw him once without a shirt on......
    judging from the scars he saw too much action......

    Tommy Greer, He was in the Air Cav. Tommy was probly the most unique individual I've ever met.... He kept me doubled over laughing most of the time...
    Always calling me something like "Boo-Coo Dinky-Dow".....Sadly Tommy recently passed away from cancer .... I miss him terribly............

    Being someone who did not take the journey that You Brave Souls did, I will tread lightly in this forum, your AO, with a quite sence of awe and respect...

    On a side note, for my 15th. birthday, my Dad gave me a Colt AR-15 SP1, That AR and I remain close companions to this day, 33 years later!

    God Bless You All! and thank you for your service.

    Doug Shannon
    Jackson, MS

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    Welcome to ACG. The Vietnam vets you seek are mostly over in the Vietnam section of the forum. Come, post, participate!


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      Welcome to the Forums! As a Teenager I'd be still intrigued that although you never joined the war you'd still probably have many good stories to tell of it!
      God didnít create evil. Evil is the result of when man does not have God's love in his heart.It's the cold when there is no heat.The darkness that comes when there is no light


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        Welcome to ACG WasTooYoung
        "You can tell a lot about a fella's character by whether he picks out all of one color or just grabs a handful." -explaining why Reagan liked to have a jar of jelly beans on hand for important meetings

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          Howdy and welcome.


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