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My interest in stalingrad...

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  • My interest in stalingrad...

    I have always been awed by the Russian response to Nazi Germany's
    invasion. I fully realize that Stalin and Hitler were BOTH ruthless murderers

    Somehow Stalin was wiser than Hitler in that Stalin realized that he, Stalin, did NOT know how to handle a victorious military strategy and tactics.
    He turned towatrds Zhukov and professional Russian soldiers

    Hitler fell short, Hitler couldn't accept the fact that Hitler with his hand picked (Nazis, DID NOT KNOW how to exploit the German advantages in Eastern Europe. Hitler inflated self image caused Germany to make war
    and LOOSE that war.

    History speaks for itself. It is impossible to cooly remain a scholar on this particular history that includes the savage, senseless murder of 20-30 million civilians and the reciprocal military slaughter of armies:
    Russians , Communist Russians and Germans, Nazi Germans.


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    Hello Warhawk and welcome to ACG.

    Just wondering what is your point in this? If you posted this in the WW2 topic of the forum I think you would get a few more hits. Nice right up though.
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    In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes
    - Benjamin Franklin, U.S. statesman, author, and scientist


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      my interest in stalingrad....

      Your interest in the Battle of Stalingrad, and the subsequent fight for the Soviet Union, was in my opinion, the worst case of slaughter, ever perpetuated on humanity. The whole affair was a Sin, to Mankind. Though without Hitlers blunder, there may have been a different outcome for Western Europe, and America as well. I have read some Fiction books recently that dealt with facts, about the Russian History, and it was one of grate misery,
      sorrow and complete disregard for human life. With Russia, I will always feel sorrow, when I think of the Russia of today, and yesteryear.


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        Welcome to ACG forum Warhawk...


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          Welcome to Stalingrad.... I mean ACG


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            Welcome to Amrchair General, Warhawk. Hope you enjoy your stay.
            History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. Napoleon Bonaparte
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              ..hi there....


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