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Tanks and Artillery from ww2 - vietnam

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  • Tanks and Artillery from ww2 - vietnam

    hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone can help me with my dissertation again. i am looking for people who have had any experiance, either in combate or training, in dealing with or working with the following weapsons,

    M101 105-mm howitzer
    .30Cal M1919 machine guns
    M8 Greyhound
    M24 Chaffee
    Kalashnikov AK-47 or the chinese copy (the type 56 me thinks)
    RPG 2 anti tank grenade launcher.

    I am looking to find out how reliable these weapons were, what were their limitations in combate. i know that because the greyhound had such a thin armour floor plate that in ww2 some soldiers use to place sandbags on the floor to prevent injury from mines, etc. i talk about these weapons in my dissertation want to add some detail from a soliders point of view into my work on how these weapsons would have faired up when given to the french by america for the french war in indochina.

    thank you for reading

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    Look and ask at weapon section, and search old threads.
    Do you like mp44 ? mother of ak 47


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