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    Rediscovered this forum recently. Couldn't figure out my old login so here we go from scratch again! I think I started in the early 2000s before it was even called Armchair General. Did it have a different name before or maybe it merged with other groups? But life, work, girls, mortgage, renovations etc have a way of getting in the way of activities. Hopefully an additional decade of wisdom and experience shines through in my posting

    Not only did I rediscover the forum, but also got back into reading WW2 books recently that were collecting dust on the shelves for the past ten or so years. Started with Farley Mowat's "The Regiment" (Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment in WW2), just finished Whitaker's "Tug of War" (1st Canadian Army Scheldt campaign in late 1944), and now diving into Villa's "Unauthorized Action: Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid". It's been interesting re-visiting these topics ten years on, after being 'out of it' virtually cold turkey for so long. In the meantime, the world has changed and many of my perspectives have changed...

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    Welcome aboard mate, glad to have you back.
    "In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."
    Ernest Hemingway.


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      Welcome back.
      There is nothing so exhillarating as to be shot at without result.
      Winston Churchill


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        I always like to see old members come back.

        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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          Welcome to the new ACG.
          "England expects that every man will do his duty!" (English crew members had better get ready for a tough fight against the combined French and Spanish fleets because that's what England expects! However, Scotland, Wales and Ireland appear to expect nothing so the Scottish, Welsh and Irish crew members can relax below decks if they like!)


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            Welcome Back
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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