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    Originally posted by Ace of Spies View Post
    Shalom to the ACG Community!

    I am American / Israeli and have been on this website before. In college I made a username, but I forgot the username and lost access to the e-mail I had associated with the account. Let's get down to it! In 2015 I graduated from Daemen College, where I earned a Bachelor of Art's degree in Liberal Studies and minored in Political Science. Then I decided to challenge myself and made Aliyah to Israel because a dream of mine has been to see the world. After all, the world is a very big place and unless you're Hindu you only live once.

    Upon finishing my Ulpan at Kibbutz Yagur I returned to America to enroll and finish graduate school. For it I earned a Master of Science, specializing in National Security Studies and concentrating in malware forensics. Now I'm doing a post graduate internship with a Israeli solar company based in West Hartford, Connecticut and about to be employed with a Computer Forensic company. After a few years of experience, I plan to return to Israel and make a life for myself.

    The reason why I re-joined this community is for some time I have begun to get triggered by social media. I realized this could be a great sanctuary from the uninformed / hyper partisan you find on traditional social media channels. I look forward to making posts and having a polite but serious debate.


    Ace of Spies
    Welcome friend.

    As per Hindu Philosophy we must completely receive, enjoy and under go all rewards and Punishment as per our past and present "Karma".

    Once your account is clear your soul can go and rejoin the Almighty for eternity. Called Moksha.

    In our philosophy it is advised to lead life according to laid down holistic rules to achive Moksha.

    If that is achieved then you are free from endless circles of Life death and rebirth.

    Anyway best of luck.


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