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  • Is there anybody there?

    Greetings fellow tread-heads and others!

    I am Charles Markuss, son of a Latvian from Riga who fought in the German Heer, and an ethnic German from Moravia (Sudetenland). I have lived in the UK most of my 55 years but learned German as a first language. I have a degree in Internatinal Politics and German and an MSc in Strategic Studies. I regard Germany as my second home and have many relatives there who along with my late mum were expelled in the great ethnic German exodus from eastern Europe after WW2. The war soon became an obsession, to try and understand how I ended up in the UK.

    My passion is weapon systems, especially technology and performance from 1914 - 1973, particularly tanks, submarines and aircraft. I research on this subject for writers such as Ian Daglish and Mike Reynolds, and for the Advanced Squad Leader team at Multi-Man Publishing in the USA. I also write articles for their ASL Journal on the performance of ASL's different armies, I am now researching an article on the Germans. I have posted various pieces on the BBC's People's War site on hardware, and I identify and caption photos of German military vehicles of WW2 for the Bovington Tank Museum, as a small "thank you" for all their help over the years. I am also developing an interest in allied war crimes, which apart from Katyn and the overunning of eastern Germany have been swept under the carpet.

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    Welcome to the forums mate, your knowledge and stories will be of great interests for us, stick around!

    No worries mate!
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      Welcome to the forums
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        Welcome aboard mate! Enjoy yourself!


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          Welcome to ACG!!!!


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            Impressive credentials, your being here is appreciated
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              Originally posted by Charles Markuss View Post
              I am also developing an interest in allied war crimes, which apart from Katyn and the overunning of eastern Germany have been swept under the carpet.

              You could have a lot of fun with our resident Russians Andrey, Amvas and Stalin.
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                Greeting from Cyberia

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                  Welcome mate!
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                    Svieks, and welcome to the forums.



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                      Gern gesehen!

                      You should add some great interest to the weaponry discussions.
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