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Military man or prefet of France

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  • Military man or prefet of France

    I have a portrait of a person that seem to be a military person or a prefet (somebody told me that was a prefet and that as the buttoms carry the fleur the lys the portrait should be around 1815). He is a Chevalier of the Legion of d'onneur also.
    The painting was shown in Goya's exhibition at the Jacquemart Andre
    Museum in Paris in 1962 and seemed that the owner of the paintings
    was at the time the famous painter Jean Gabriel Domergue that was also
    the director of the Museum.
    I will appreciate is somebody could give me further details about the
    uniform as I am trying to identify him.
    I am a 70 year old retired art researcher but I would love to solve
    few special cases that keep coming back to me all the time. This one
    is around 25 years old and I tried several times but all were a total
    Kind regards
    I can read french very well but I do not dare to write it.
    Sorry because I cannot include the photo because this is only my
    first post. This rule is quite odd.

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    Post some "a","b","c" letters in order to reach the 5th post

    Your request is not too common.
    There are some serious guys here who should be able to solve it .
    That rug really tied the room together


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      For once Seb has a good idea.

      Welcome and hope you find some help here.
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