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    Just read the item that ACG will no longer accept queries for print articles. Also, I notice that the gist of the content on the website is now very, very heavily toward wargaming.

    Is ACG going to be going web-only in the future?

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    While we have always had a different mix of articles online vs. what is in the magazine, I think what you are reading regarding no longer accepting queries for print articles means that the magazine has a mature stable of writers and is no longer taking offers to write from "over the transom."

    On the website, where our budget is not as robust, we have to depend on a less stable...uh stable of writers, many of whom come and go as their other commitments dictate. We are always looking for new writers, though we don't always actively advertise the fact so as not to overwhelm my already overworked editor (Gerald aka Blitzpuppy here on the forums).

    We find it easier to get writers of game reviews because our audience has a lot of wargamers and gamers in general. Pure history writers, for whatever reason, are not as numerous. Plus, our goal on the website is to have content that is shorter and interesting vs. long and detailed. It is much harder to write about history when you only have 500-750 words.

    Hope this answers your questions!
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