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Captain Dale Dye, Military Advisor on ‘The Pacific’ – An Interview

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  • Captain Dale Dye, Military Advisor on ‘The Pacific’ – An Interview

    Retired U.S. Marine captain Dale Dye is the man Hollywood has called on to make sure their military facts are straight and combat scenes realistic in movies and television productions from "The Last of the Mohicans" to "The Pacific."


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    I read most of the articles posted here and find them enjoyable. Something about the subject of this one strikes me wrong. Can't put my finger on it yet.


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      Wonder why it's always DD? Sure he's got the credentials, in part, but i know a heck of lot more retired Colonels and Generals and Sergeant Majors. with more.

      Could it be because he's an actor as well and they use those skills commensurate with the plot developement and presentation?


      Then again some of them crusty SOB's, i alluded to above, didn't need to act; they were living it longer then Hollywood's currently designated Subject Matter Expert.

      Hence probably greater qualified then DD.

      Consequently why aren't they hired.

      Could there a political tie-in?



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        I really get tired of the actors always talking about how they suffered during their mini boot camp for these movies. They seem to believe that a few days of wearing a uniform and sleeping outside their airconditioned trailers makes them authentic and tough in the eyes of the public. I do credit DD with helpng to make the films more realistic but someone please slap those actors with some reality. Every movie promo has these guys being interviewed talking like a combat vet relating how tough their bootcamp was. Hurrah for Tropic Thunder.


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          I guess it's because DD has the 'active for hire company' that trains actors in 'combat roles'; i believe that's called method acting.

          He's making a buck and so as a good capitalist, i guess he's ok.



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            I hold DD in great respect. While he can do nothing to change the plots of the screenplays he works with, he is in a large part responsible for the realistic and historical edges that have brought modern war movies out of the Class B post-WWII era, where authenticity and realism was occasional rather than common (Hell is for Heroes and The Victors were among the best of the latter). The siege scene in "Mohicans" is what convinced me that Dye had indeed made a difference, and he hasn't disappointed me since. Certainly, technology has helped.

            Regarding old retired military types (among whom, yours truly), suffice it to say that Audie Murphy was one hell of a hero, but not a first rate actor.
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              I sure hope they do a mini-series on Korea and especially Vietnam.


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                I am with Lou on this. DD has made a difference. The siege, the patrolling and the close-combat in "Last of the Mohicans" is some of the best in film. The final scene in "Platoon" when the unit is overrun is gripping, and "Alexander" -while far from being a great film - had very good combat. I don't think anyone needs to say anything about "Private Ryan" or "Band" that has not already been said.

                If I were DD I would consider putting out a documentary of the best and worst scenes in war films. The guy is no wilting flower, so would be interesting to hear his opinions on his own and others work.
                A massive attack...a brigade against an army...three nights of unforgettable tragedy.
                Sixty years later, the full story is told at last:


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                  BTW, did DD coordinate the bank heist in "Heat"?

                  The running fight; the shouted commands; the reloading; and the effect of the fire on the surroundings - all have the DD stamp of authenticity.

                  (I am not suggesting the good captain has ever robbed a bank, but...)
                  A massive attack...a brigade against an army...three nights of unforgettable tragedy.
                  Sixty years later, the full story is told at last:


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