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Take that bridge,la Fiere 2

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  • Take that bridge,la Fiere 2

    In my last entry I explaned why I chose option 2.Here is my deployment,First I set up my minefield as shown in option two on the far side of the bridge.First platoon and Bazooka team 1 are with me at the farm house.Second platoon and Bazooka team 2 are across the street next to us.The anti-tank gun is dug in and sighted on the causeway and the bridge between us.Any enemy force that attempts to cross the bridge will be stopped cold.The two 60mm mortars are dug in and aimed on the causeway in support.B-companys platoon the engineers and the two extra squads I have located outside of la Fiere as a reserve to counter attack any enemy forces that succeed in crossing the river.Finally, I posted platoon 3 and my last Bazooka team 3,on the high ground to my rear as a last line of defense.My plan is simple dig in and hold my ground.We will use this natural bottleneck to good use and denigh the enemy any space to manuver!I posted a lookout ontop of the farmhouse to warn me of enemy approach and first aid station in the farmhouse wine cellar.None shall pass!

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