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Death From Above! Part II - 502d PI in Normandy

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  • Death From Above! Part II - 502d PI in Normandy

    For our readers, this thread covers the article on page 76.* Please feel free to use this forum to discuss this article from the magazine.

    *"Death From Above! Part II, The 502d Parachute Infantry Regiment in Normandy" -- Mark Bando
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    This may have nothing to do with the article, but 2nd battalion 502nd was commanded by Col Vandervoot. One of my personal heroes of the war. He led his battalion through litterally hell and always thought of his men first. Wish that type of leadership was more common on all fields. Businuess, politicians and military.
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      This is a great part of the magazine, a chance to experience battlefields that I will likely never get to. The level of detail, and placing the reader there is excellent.
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