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    Just a thought...

    Having a free game that we can download is great...

    However, I think future games should have a link with one of the magazine featured topic...

    For example, instead of Iraq Freedom in #1, we could have a game recreating...

    - ... the tank battle at Sidi Rezegh (You Command).
    - ... the battle of Gettysburg (What Next General).
    - ... etc...

    So, we could think about what we should do in the situation described in one article and try it with the downloaded game...

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    you will see some of that in future matching up with articles.
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      It would also be nice if the printout for the map and counters were such that they are the appropriate size. In "Iraqi Freedom" the counters were fine, but the map was a bit too small; in "Cemetary Ridge" the map hexes were way too small (map prints out at 8x10), while the counters were almost 1 inch across (way too big). It would be nice to see the map in two 8x10 pieces that one could assemble and laminate, with the counters being formatted to print out at 1/2" or 5/8" whichever is intended. the only other solution I can see is to dump the data on a CD and take it to a print shop...totally do-able, but a bit more of a hassle.


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        If anyone is interested in a PDF version of the Gettysburg game please let me know. I just cooked it up using the old files...and I need some people to test it for me.

        That should solve a lot of these problems!

        PM me, or email me and I will send it to you.
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