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Airfield - Risky Soution

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  • Airfield - Risky Soution

    Generally, one tactic that has often been deployed historically when outnumbered is to divide enemy troops through such means as maneuver. However, in this case the space to maneuver is severely limited. So it seems that being able to concentrate fire over a given point while avoiding the Stuart's concentrated fire (though keeping a dispersed position and slight maneuvering) would be favorable.

    As the CDG map shows, the PZIII positions are divided into three groups (A North of airfield, B Holding airfield, and C SOuth of airfield on ledge). Although the PZIII's have an advantage in terms of its range of fire, the Stuarts', with superior speed and numbers, may just rush in more or less to take the field.

    How feasible would the following solution be?:

    Move PZIII group B West of airfield to maintain distance in order to avoid fire while using its superior range to lay concerntrated fire on the Stuart's entry point into corridor. Maneuver group C to South West, slightly South of Hill 175. Concentrate fire over the Stuart's entry point slightly behind the first group of tanks. This would somewhat divide the group that is spearheading the attack and would probably prompt them to move forward very quickly. Also, PZIII fire would be coming from different directions which would force the Stuarts to return fire in a dispersed manner, thus avoiding concetrated fire (hopefully). If the Stuarts in the East-most group move forward, then they can be met by PZIII grp A (When outnumbered, generally the opponent wouldn't expect you to move forward). Meanwhile, PZIII B would be maintaining its fire slightly behind the approaching Stuart group.

    The point of this is to maneuver C to the rear and flank (Southeast) of the Stuarts. Although this would dangerously divide the PZIII groups, It would place the Stuarts in a positionwhere they are receiving fire from both front and rear positions. There is also the option to move away from the airfield. Although the airfield would be temporarily lost, it seems that it if things go as planned. the PZIIIs would be able to inflict enough damage to regain it.

    What do you think?

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    Though th panzers greatly outrank the British tanks with fire power and range, they are lacking speed. By maneuvering the Panzers, the British would easily follow and they may over take the groups.


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