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    Originally posted by D1J1 View Post
    Hello Ashley,

    First, thanks for your efforts. Second, the flagging process for bad posts seems to be greatly inferior to the previous system. Can the old process be restored?

    I am sorry to say no it cant.


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      Originally posted by At ease View Post
      Most of the images in this thread(Name that Aircraft):

      have been deleted.

      Only those images(not many) posted as "attachments", rather than in the main body of the post, appear to have been saved.
      Looking at this on the old site. it looks like it was broken there as well. Due to that there is no real way for me to fix it since I don't have the images.


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        The color combos are cool. Thanks. I'm trying out the gradient myself.


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          Originally posted by Snowshoveler View Post
          The ignore function still doesn't block everyone.
          What are you talking about? I tried it out on you and it seems to be working well.


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            1. After hitting "New Posts" button, is there any way to 'Mark All Posts Read'?
            2. Any way to shorten the information or expand the area in the "Show New Posts" menu?

            Currently, the new messages appear on the left and much of the space on the right-hand side is wasted on stuff in which I have no interest such as:


            America's Civil War
            American History
            Aviation History
            Civil War Times
            Military History
            Wild West
            World War II

            ACG Online

            ACG Magazine
            Stuff We Like
            War College
            History News
            Tactics 101
            Carlo D'Este

            ACG Gaming

            PC Game Reviews

            ACG Network

            Contact Us
            Our Newsletter
            Meet Our Staff
            Advertise With Us

            Sites We Support

            The Art of Battle
            Game Squad
            Mil. History Podcast
            Russian Army - WW2
            Achtung Panzer!
            Mil History Online
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              p.s. For the message I just posted above, I used the indent function on the list of topics. Unfortunately, the entire list still appears Left-justified when it should have appeared in the middle of the page, I think.
              ScenShare Guidelines:

              1) Enjoy creating it
              2) Enjoy playing it
              3) Enjoy sharing it
              4) Enjoy helping others create them

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                I'm really starting to dig this new upgrade, and all the extra features... I'm still learning but from what I have seen so far, it's a huge plus for the forum.
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                  Can't immediately say I miss anything, except maybe the rep messages, which allowed for a quick, non intrusive, friendly comment to a post.
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                    Originally posted by ashleymccabe View Post

                    I am sorry to say no it cant.
                    Losing all the old pics is a hard blow, but if that means the new site is free of the old infections that always used to plague us, then I call that a WIN.

                    And it is easier to deal with the new colors that the flat whiteness, but a little more would be appreciated.

                    And as for the above (can't multi-quote yet, but it is post #68 that I mean) that was a great little feature that I never saw anywhere else. So were the awards and ribbons, any good news there?


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                      Afraid I still have a bit of trouble but that I suppose is nothing to go by, for I am one of those elderly characters that just scrape by with the Key board much less any of the other computer mysteries!! lcm1
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                        How long until the ignore function works again?


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                          If you had pictures linked from Photobucket, those are no long available based on policy changes at their end.
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                            Originally posted by GCoyote View Post
                            If you had pictures linked from Photobucket, those are no long available based on policy changes at their end.
                            But the missing photos would then be represented by a Photobucket disclaimer. Also, our missing thumbnails predated the Photobucket blackmail policy.

                            On another note, when New Posts cam back online, it worked like the old platform where New Posts remain new posts until it is read. Now there is an expiration time. The expiration time is now stupidly short. I take time to write a response and then come come back to New Posts and it tells me it has expired. Something needs to be adjusted. New Posts should never expire. Today's Posts is meant to bridge a gap when you have read a post but can't remember what it was.
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                              Originally posted by ashleymccabe View Post
                              My name is Ashley...
                              Apologies if my original post here came across as negative. I have address the issue in question. Thank you for your time and efforts here.

                              Last edited by Martok; 01 Jun 18, 14:01.


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                                As a mod I am getting notification of flagged posts, however I am unable to comment on them. Am I missing something, or is that the way the system will function now? I was able to exchange comments with Salinator on a post he flagged a few days ago, but cannot respond on that one any more either.

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