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After two days in the desert sun...

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  • After two days in the desert sun...

    2/3 of the German tanks will have to stay at the airfield to establish the main line of defense, using the smoking and destroyed british tanks as cover when possible. The goal of this line of defense is to establish a killing zone in front of them using the 500m advantage.

    The other third of the German tanks should head southeast of the map and establish a camoufled position along the road.

    Since we know that the brits might try to close the gap to eliminate the 500m advantage; the german goal must be to stop them of doing so by flanking this attack.

    There is a very interesting thing about the expected hour of the british attack: 10:00AM. Using the principle of a solar clock, we know that the sun will be in the southeast at that moment. We are in the desert of North Africa and I believe that the sun can be used to blindfold the brits. As soon as the brits enter the killing zone, the german camoufled in the southeast should flank the Brits, charging them with the sun in their backs. The brits will have to counter this attack, but blindfolded by the sun, they will have an hard time finding theirs targets and will be also forced to stay longer in the killing zone. Enough time for the Germans to eliminate them.

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