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    1st of all, your magazine is great. Shortly after thumbing through the first issue I subscribed. I do question the statement, "The saber is a backsword, meaning it has only one edge..."

    Actually, the 1st 1/3rd of the back of the blade is also a cutting edge. A parry may be converted to a slicing stroke by cutting across the opponent's head with a backhand motion. I used this technique very successfully back in the early 60's as people would tend to forget about the back edge of the blade.

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    Great magazine and It was right about swords, the Gladius was definitely the best.


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      for Octavian

      Yeah, gotta agree on both counts. The gladius was a good balance - not too heavy, tiring the user; both thrusting and slashing edges; easy to wield. You could usually count on the Romans for good, quality equipment.
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        I too found the sword article fascinating. As a studend of WW II, swords are not an item I regularly find in my research.
        A refreshing change of pace indeed.
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          Originally posted by Octavian
          Great magazine and It was right about swords, the Gladius was definitely the best.
          The gladius was definately a great sword, but what added to its effectiveness was that it was only part of a Roman soldiers weapons "package".
          It would only be used after each legionaire had thrown his two pilums, which caused many of his opponents to discard their shields. The legionaire then still had his own large shield to protect him.
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            best 5 swords

            Sorry to pee in the teapot, but I think the best 5 swords articles was somewhat amateurish.

            First of all, gladius is Roman for sword. While the author probably meant gladius hispanica (Spanish sword), which was used throughout most of the main history of Rome, later swords were also used and were of high quality. A different, longer sword was used by centurions during the period of use of the gladius hispanica and various swords were used by the auxiliaries and foederati throughout Rome's history.

            The listings provided, generally, cover BROAD CATEGORIES of swords. Someone mentioned saber ... I think we should be more specific: there are many different sabers in the world, meeting the needs of militaries throughout time and place. A good article would consider them all.
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