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victory for the panzer's

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  • victory for the panzer's

    i think i would divide the unit into three teams. place two on the hills to the north and on in the airfield. when the attack comes in, wait for the brits to come into range of the elements in the airfield. at that time everyone opens fire while one of the elements on the hill move down to tho the brits rear cutting them off and confusing them

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    If we can assume that each symbol is say 12 panzers giving us a total of 36 and we can give the British the max at 45 tanks. I would deploy 10 panzers at the airfield and array 10 to the south and use the hills to the north to conceal the other 16. The formation in the shape of a bulls horns would allow the the British to see the weekly defended airfiled but also the panzers on the their southern flank. I would assume the British would move to meet the southern flank as well as proceed to attack the airfiled and possibly leave a northern flank guard. Sine the airfiled is the target the British move in with 20 tanks and send 15 to hit the southern flank leaving 10 to guard the rear and northern flank. With superior range the panzers open up form the center and the south evening the odds up a bit as the British draw closer. After the first few rounds are exchanged the the northern group attacks from the hills, first at long range and then on the move driving the British into their attacking units creating a congestion of tanks and a center of targets to direct the panzers better weaponary. I hope it works


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