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    with basic knowledge from the article stating that I am to prepare for a counterattack with 40 panzer III's. The fact that I was not given any support in the scenario such as infantry and such I will not assume I have them and I will not include them in my strategy. First, I would consolidate and reorganize, evenly despersing ammo, water and fuel as always after an offensive then divide my 40 panzer's into two main bodys of 20 tanks each. My main strategy will be to concentrate their manuevers and fire on the air field where one of my main bodies will be positioned in a spread out fashion, far enough away from the high ground so to be out of the range of the M3's. I will position the other body of 20 panzer's behind hill 154 out of sight of the british forces. With the British forces seeing the 20 panzer's in defensive positions guard the airfield and no other enemy units, they will move quickly to close with the panzer's as to get into range to fire on them and to take away the range advantage of the panzer's guns over the m3's. With the panzer's defending the air feild being far enough away from the high ground rendering the m3's guns ineffective at that range, the british will be forced to travers slowly down off of the high ground to engage the air field effectivly. Now, with the m3's moving down off of the high ground east of the air field, they will be under panzer fire causing havoc without the m3's fireing as much as a shot, the other main body of panzers will move out from behind hill 154 and engage the rear flank of of the m3's out of range of their guns. The m3's are now taking fire from both flanks unable to return fire on either of the two panzer elements, they will either be forced to stay and die or turn and run.

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