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Taking Down the Airfield

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  • Taking Down the Airfield

    Just to insure that I know what's going on. After taking the field, I'm to prepare for a british counter-attack. The Brits have 3-1 numerical advantage in Tanks(Grant), I however out-range their tanks by about 500 yds.

    I guess that I also have no support what-so-ever(a platoon of 88's would be nice), just my Bn. If all of the above is true, then though risky I believe that I have a viable defense and counter-attack plan.

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    Taking down the Airfield and realities of the situartion

    Due to the fact that this is a tactical engagement and not an major offensive, I do think 88s are out of the questions. This also being due to the short two hour window to take the airfield, set up a defense, logistics, coordination between commanders of Luftwaffe commanded 88s and Panzer BN MAJOR, short time to set up, dig in and camouflage the big guns, Not to mention the slow prime movers towing in the guns in a quickly changing, fluid tactical armored engagement. Anyway, all artillery (incl. FLAK, PAK, howitzers) need some sort of infantry support. And all we really know is that we're outnimbered by the Brits 3-1. Is that only in armor, or could we be facing some motorized infantry, too?
    Although a larger operation would surely have had Rommel committing armor and motorized infantry in an offensive against British lines, draw out Matildas, Crusaders, Stuarts, Lees, etc. Infantry maching alongside the lumbering Matildas in perfect formation only to withdraw his mobile formations and shred the pursuing British with dug-in, camouflaged 88s from LONG range (1 to1-1/2 miles?), and any infantry would surely run back to the rear.
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