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    I just picked up the current issue of ACG because of the VN war content, and was also happy to see something on Lawrence of Arabia, whom I recently posted questions about. I have just opened the magazine to begin reading and read this on page 4:

    "ACG's publisher, Eric Weider, spent part of hos Father's Day weekend hard at work helping prepare some well-deserved "thank-you" packages for our troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan."
    I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention here just so you don't miss it.

    A couple years ago the company I work for and I sponsored "Christmas" for a platoon in Iraq. It was expensive and time consuming to do this. I understand what is involved to do something nice for the troops.

    I remember reading how the boys in Vietnam really depended on kool aid to make the treated water palatable. The company who made the stuff found out about this and sent cases of the stuff to the troops.

    Recently Vietnam magazine had a story on a card company who made decks of playing cards for the soldiers in Vietnam and still makes cards for the troops today.

    Little or big, I have read enough and I know enough soldiers who have been to Iraq to understand how important these things are to them.

    I was very pleased to read this and glad to see Eric doing his bit for our people in the field.


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        On page 6 of this issue there is a picture of ACG Editor in Chief Jerry Morelock from 1971 as an Artillery officer in Vietnam.

        I think he looks like "Johny Dangerously"


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