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Tactics 101: Part 9 - The Reserve.

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  • Tactics 101: Part 9 - The Reserve.

    Tactics 101: The Reserve

    In part eight of our series, we discuss the importance of a reserve to maintain flexibility on the battlefield.

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    Dr. S.
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    I found that the article was really informative and I look forward to employing some of its suggestions in my wargaming. I have to admit, that I usually don't use a reserve and just commit all my forces to making a decisive breakthrough. This often has terrible consequences when I find myself needing to contain an enemy counter-attack or needing more troops to create a decisive victory.
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      For me the concept of reserve really sound like the military way of saying that I dont want to go all in. "Sorry sir but as a good commander I have 1/3 in reserve and I dont think I can do it with the rest. Give me more support."

      Not saying that it is an excuse but that tactical flexibility comes at a price of less forces commited and the reserve will trough their flexibility always conduct a more hasty mission that other which lowers their combat power.

      Because of that saying you should always keep a reserve doesnt sound thought through for me. You will always have limited ressources given to achive something and sometimes it has to be done even if it costs you your reserve.


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