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    Hello. I've just signed for your forums.

    I recently read one of your articles on how Admiral Mahan changed the strategy for naval warfare and really enjoyed it. I also just finished a book on Col. John Boyd, who changed the thinking for modern air and ground warfare in the same way.

    How about doing an article on him for your readers and give an opinion on whether he was as influential as the book claims. He appears to be in Mahan's league but I had never heard of him before reading the book.

    Sorry if this has already been requested

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    FMFM-1 Warfighting

    Military theorist William (Bill) Lind was heavily involved in developing a different warfighting philosopy for the Marine Corps. It was Lind who introduced Boyd to Colonel Wyly and also to the Marine responsible for Marine Corps Doctrine, Brigadier General Alfred (Al) Gray. General Gray would go on to become the Commanding General (CG) of 2nd Marine Division and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. As CG of the 2nd Marine Division, General Gray began experimenting with maneuver warfare concepts. He would invite both Bill Lind and John Boyd to the division to teach maneuver warfare concepts and evaluate his Marines.
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