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Soviet Pre-War Armanents Production

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  • Soviet Pre-War Armanents Production

    I am looking for Soviet pre-war armanents production figures. It is very easy to find these for the 1941-1945 period, but not for the pre-war period.

    So does anybody know where to look for the figure of artillery, aircraft, tanks produced lets say 1935 through 1941?

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    i don't know, if you can read russian, but i give you to first time this link.

    here you have a great list from book, we speak about prewar production.

    if you don't understand russian cyrillic alphabet, so i rate you, use google translator or prompt translator from Russian to English, so you can understand the russian book.
    but if you use translator, you should give attention by word translation, because translator make not perfect translation work. is only to help to understand meaning sentence.


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      Thanks mate.


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        Prewar production was never my primary focus, but here is a summary of prewar tank production and 1941 armament production planning that I collected in my database over the years. Hope it at least provides some preliminary data:

        total tanks and tankettes produced: 170
        total tanks and tankettes produced: 740
        T-26 introduced into production: 1626 built by 1933
        total tanks and tankettes produced: 3038
        BT-2 with 37mm B-3 gun in production: 208 built
        first T-28 built with 45mm M32 gun
        T-35-1. Experimental heavy tank with PS-3 76mm gun,
        2 B-3 37mm guns
        total tanks and tankettes produced: 3509
        T-37A tankette in production: 1909 built by 1936
        T-26RT (radio-equipped) in production: 96 built
        OT-26 (KhT-26) flamethrowing tank in production
        T-26 production with single 45mm M32: 2127 built by 1936
        ST-26 sapper tank with bridge produced: 65 built
        BT-2 with 2 DT MGs in production: 412 built
        BT-5 with M32 45mm gun in production: 1621 built by end of 1934
        BT-5RT (radio-equipped) in production: 263 built by end of 1934
        T-35-2. experimental Heavy tank with PS-3 76mm gun,
        2 M32 45mm guns, 6 MGs
        total tanks and tankettes produced: 3565
        T-37RT (radio-equipped) tankett in production:
        643 built by end of 1936
        T-28 in production with KT-28 76mm gun and 5 DT MGs
        SU-5-1 76mm M02/30 cannon on T-26 chassis
        SU-5-2 122mm M10/30 howitzer on T-26 chassis,
        small number built by 1937
        SU-5-3 152mm mortar on T-26 chassis.
        Total of SU-5s built = 15
        total tanks and tankettes produced: 3055
        OT-37 (BKhM-4) flamethrower tankette in production: 75 built by 1936
        TT-26 and TU-26 with electromechanical transmissions,
        55 built by end of 1936
        76mm PS-3 cannon on T-26 chassis: 10 built
        BT-7 in production: 2596 built by 1939
        BT-7RT (radio-equipped) in production: 2017 built by 1940
        T-35 production heavy tank with KT-28 76mm gun, 2 45mm,
        7 MGs
        T-38 tankette produced: 1217 built by 1939
        BT-7A with 76mm KT-28 howitzer in production:
        156 built by end of 1937
        KhBT (BKhM-2) flamethrowing tank on BT chassis: 3 built
        BT-5 (BKhM, BKhM-2) flamethrowing tank on BT-5 basis: 10 built
        T-38RT radio-equipped tankette produced: 165 built
        T-35 production heavy tank with M34 45mm guns, 580 hp engine
        BT-7M in production: 788 built by end of 1940
        T-28 in production with L-10 76mm gun and 5 DT MGs
        T-35 production heavy tank with M37-M38 45mm guns.
        6 built by end of 1939
        T-26-1 modified version in production: 1975 built,
        including 204 with DT AA MG
        BT-5/V-2 BT-5 with V-2 diesel engine, 5 built
        KV. heavy tank with L-11 76mm gun. 1 built.
        Total Produced: 253 KVs
        117 T-34s
        2421 T-26 and BT light tanks
        13 T-35 heavy tanks
        1932-40: Total BT tank production: 8300
        1931-40: Total T-26 production: 12,000 total 23 different types, including flame tanks OT-26, OT-130, OT-133
        1933-40: Total T-28 tank production: 600 1934-40: Total T-35 tank production: 60
        Planned Production of Armaments: Plans as of 7 Feb 41: for year 1941:
        45mm Tank Gun M1934 2664
        76mm Mountain Cannon M1938 100
        76mm Regimental Gun M1927 300
        76mm Tank Gun F-34 3300
        76mm Divisional Cannon M1939 500
        107mm Divisional Gun M1940 300
        122mm Howitzer M1938 2000
        152mm Howitzer M38 1400
        37mm Antiaircraft Cannon 2000
        85mm Antiaircraft Cannon 4000
        122mm Corps Cannon M31/37 600
        152mm Gun-Howitzer M1937 1100
        152mm Cannon M1935 40
        203mm Howitzer M1934 400
        280mm Mortar BR-5 30
        210mm Cannon M1939 (BR-17) 14
        305mm Howitzer M1939 6
        50mm Company Mortar 12,250
        82mm Battalion Mortar 4300
        107mm Mountain Regimental Mortar 575
        120mm Regimental Mortar 2060
        Rifles (total, all types) 1,800,000
        including M1940 SVT: 1,100,000
        Revolver: 7.62mm Nagan 160,000
        7.62mm Automatic Pistol 140,000
        Shpagin SMG 200,000
        7.62mm Maxim HMG 3000
        7.62mm Squad MG DP & DT tank MG 39,000
        7.62mm ShKAS Aircraft MG 3500
        12.7mm DShK MG 4000
        12.7mm Taubin MG 2872
        ‘TP’ 356mm railroad gun 1
        ‘TG’ 500mm railroad howitzer 1