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Pictures from Myasnoy Bor

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  • Pictures from Myasnoy Bor

    Just found these pics at

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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    Great post Sasha
    Here are some German photographs from the winter and spring of 1942, during the battle of the Volkhov

    Machine-gun position near the Tigoda river, January, 1942.

    German cemetery near Chudovo, February, 1942.

    T-34s knocked out in the swamps

    German reinforcements trudge forward during the spring thaw

    A German command post


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      A column moves slowly down one of the swamp roads.

      A log road made through the swamps

      A locomotive stuck in the swamp (both the Germans and the Russians built narrow gauge rail-lines through the marshes)

      A terrain fit for neither man nor beast

      The motor road to Chudovo

      A German patrol heads into a Soviet occupied pocket of woods

      Luxury living in the Volkhov swamp - a German outpost


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        Great pics gents. As Skoblin posted, terrain not fit for man, beast and certainly not mechanised vehicles.


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          Originally posted by joea View Post
          Great pics gents. As Skoblin posted, terrain not fit for man, beast and certainly not mechanised vehicles.
          I will try to upload a 5 minute amateur film shot by a German war correspondent of this same area in the spring of 1944. The film also shows the German-built narrow gauge railway in operation.


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            I found this photo diary of the 291st Infantry Division that fought in the Volkhov pocket. Some more very interesting photos:

            Part 1
            Part 2


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              I've been procrastinating with posting these pictures for more than an year. Today is the day.

              2nd Shock Army memorial

              "2nd Shock Army"

              "To the heroic soldiers and officers of the 2nd Shock Army who defended Leningrad with their lives, deaths and heroic feats, arising from oblivion"

              "No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten"

              "Remember the ones who defended Life/They saved our sun and our joy/Forever consider those fallen for Motherland, honour and freedom/As marching beside you" "To the heroic warriors of 19th Guards Rudnyansk-Khingan, Order of Lenin and Order of Suvorov, Red Bannered Rifle Division (formerly 366th RD) who gave their lives for our Soviet Motherland (Jan-Jun 1942)"


              St.Petersburg-Novgorod highway. Myasnoy Bor Memorial

              Individual enameled grave photos

              Matusov Sergey Nikoforovich

              Shakirzyanov Galimzyan Shakirzyanovich

              "The remains of 118 Red Army Soldiers are buried here"

              Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                "Antonenko Sima Filippovna. Junior Politruk. Secretary of the Political Department of the 327th Rifle Division of the 2nd Shock Army. Died while escaping from the encirclement"

                "Cherepanov Afanasy Yakovlevich. Cadet. Died while escaping from the encirclement"

                "Military medics of the 364th Mobile Surgical Field Hospital who died while leading the wounded out of the encirclement. Medvedeva P./Ryabinina K./Zhubrikova O./Chernyaeva M./Stchepkina N./Stchyogoleva T./Reznikova T./Yemelyanova M./Timergaleeva R./Medvedeva L." "For us they are alive forever" "Veterans of the hospital, Medical College staff and students"

                "I'll fall on my knees in Myasnoy Bor where the mown ones will not rise"

                "Avetisyan A.A. From the brother"

                "Here lay the remains of 1080 soldiers and officers of the Red Army"

                "Here lay the remains of 1410 soldiers and officers of the Red Army"

                "To the warriors of the 2nd Shock Army who fell in battles with Hitlerite invaders"

                "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13)

                "The monument was built under the patronage of Victor and Yuri Pugachev, sons of the commander of the 22nd Separate Rifle Brigade Colonel Fyodor Kuzmich Pugachev, who died on June 25, 1942 in the vicinity of the village of Myasnoy Bor. Sculptor - People's Artist of Russia V.M. Klykov"

                "They fought to death in the name of life"


                Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                  "Belousov Ivan Arsenievich. He isn't missing, he died for the Motherland"



                  "Eternal memory and glory to those who defended the Motherland without sparing their lives"

                  "Here lies, among others, the chief of staff of 1027th Rifle Regiment Major Fyodor Dmitrievich Vershinin"

                  "Here lies, among others, the Hero of the Soviet Union Private Eidzhigitov Tuichi" (Awarded this title posthumously for throwing himself on the embrasure of a German bunker in the vicinity of the village Smerdynya on October 5, 1943)

                  "The living - to the fallen. Eternal memory and glory to those who fell for the liberation of the town Lyuban'. From the veterans and comrades in arms who served in the units which were given the honorific "Lyuban" titles. 80, 177, 281 and 374 Rifle Divisions, 8th Artillery Regiment, 124th Tank Regiment, 29th and 194th Mortar Regiments"

                  Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                    Those photos of roads in a swamp and horses to rely on for most transport...the train in the middle of a swamp. What a logistical and supply "nightmare situation".

                    Just thinking how to get that loco, back up and level and on tracks, and running, what a job!
                    ...Its one of our V-8's...Pursuit Special on methane, super hot!


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