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    He explains that he observed a clear racial hierarchy. In his unit the tank crews and the recce elements were Slavs and the infantry Mongols. A Russian recce unit would probe the lines, then the Mongols would be sent to breech them. He states "the Mongols" were "the cannon fodder" and were aware of their status as such.
    Full nonsence.

    Yes, some of infantrymen could be from Asian part of the USSR.

    But there was no any racial hierarchy.

    There was a tactics - Recon units define enemy positions, tanks, artillery and infantry attack them. Sometimes tanks were used only after infantry had cleaned the territory from enemy forces (it was done to keep tanks fresh to later breakthrough into enemy rears or to preserve then from waste casualties).

    So it was ordinary infantrymen's job to fight and to die.

    - He says in his whole time with the unit, they never sent prisoners to the rear albeit they took prisoners on every day he was with them. He speaks of executing prisoners as the norm for the unit.

    Soviet units captured a few million German POWs in WWII. How was it possible if all the prisoners were shot?

    Some separate soldiers could kill POWs (like in Us or British Armies) but it was not an official policy of military command.

    There were some groups of enemies who could be shot instead of sending them in rears - SS-men and "Vlasovits" (Soviet traitors who joined to pro-German military units). But there was no such rule "to shoot them all", they often were captured as POWs and survived.

    - He describes the Soviets gunning down an elderly Silesian German couple, then chopping them down to small pieces with an axe and throwing them to their hogs.
    It could be done by few soldiers as they had reasons to avamge but it was considered a crime. The official policy of soviet military command was to prevent any bad treatment towards German civilians.

    - He claims to have been wounded in an air raid by a Stuka dive bomber during a daylight battle. I understand by this time in the war the rule was that Stukas operated at night when it was safer.
    In Germany in 1945 Soviet units in the Vistula-Oder Operation advanced so quickly that communication lines were not good enough to operate in normal mode. Also Soviets had lack of airfields.

    So it was very often when German aircraft had temporal air supremacy over some areas. There were many cases when Germans made powerful daylight air strikes against advancig Soviet units.

    Soviet aircraft couldn't follow advancing too quickly ground forces.

    There was a famous case when Pokryshkin had to use an ordinary motor-road as an airfield to his fighter unit as there was not any other airfield available.


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