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    Originally posted by RS116 View Post
    1. You are trying to say that Stalin had stripped the Stalin Line of weapons in order to provide for the new fortifications which did not exist at that time ?

    2. Soviet Army could populate Stalin line with personal and
    field artillery in 1941.

    There were cases when soviet commanders in 1941 used
    Stalin Line fortifications, populated them with their men and
    their own artillery and they managed to stop Germans for days.

    3. Soviet artillery was the most developed and ready for war part of the
    RKKA and may be the only part of RKKA which from the very beginning was supreme to Germans.

    They still could try to arm Stalin Line with filed artillery and machine
    guns, but no attempts had been made.
    At the same time as all this is going on, the RKKA is undergoing a series of fundamental changes that saw the table of organization of Red Army units mushroom into gigantic formations, each with hundreds of tanks and thousands of artillery pieces. The demand was enormous, far greater than supply.

    The construction of new fortifications in the new border zone was woefully behind schedule, an almost comical bungling by NKVD construction battalions. In the case of the VVS, as mentioned, the result was a huge concentration of aircraft on relatively few fields, poorly defended and some lacking basic amenities like dispersals and hardened ammunition or fuel dumps. In February 1941 it had been a scandal, heads rolled, and work had new intensity and direction, but it was a long way from done.

    The Stalin Line was many kilometers behind the area they were to defend, and the weapons there were redundant before the German attack. As the Red Army withdrew, the fortifications were naturally a place to make a stand, rearm them, and use to their best advantage. There is nothing surprising about that.

    Scott Fraser
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