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  • On "Admiral Kolchak", my parents saw the premier in Moscow. My dad thought that the Red Army was too demonized while the whites too romanticised, my mom didn't really think so, both agree that it was a well made epic movie, with good effects and good acting.


    • I have just joined this group and I enjoy reading all the comments on films here.This has helped me greatly to find films I can watch with English subtitles.i have been ordering from amazon, russiandvd, and Ebay.I now own copies of:

      Zvezda (2002), Dawns Here are Quiet, Father of a soldier, Destiny of a Man, The Hot Snow, They fought for their motherland, 17 moments of spring, ballad of a soldier, cranes are flying, larisa shepkito colllection contains RISE , one, two soldiers are going, svolochi (fun low-brow entertainment) , no greater love, Franz and Polina , Come and See , Na Bezymyannoj Vysote (the nameless height) , Kursanty (cadets), Svoi (will be here 12/16) , and the infamous Fall Of Berlin.
      I also have downloaded some Russian films with no subs unfortunately like 5-part Liberation and Alka.
      I do have w/ subs to watch Peregon , Torpedo Bombers , and some movie called In Tranzit (looks like another "low-brow" one)

      One problem I have is not speaking any Russian.The links on Arjover are hard for me cause they are in my language but on the website itself they are in your language.So i end up on a page where i have to look real hard to find movie and figure out on web the "Russian" language name to match it with the Russian language on the Arjlover site.

      And lastly I will quickly introduce myself.
      I am Jordan Kratz , the son of Michael Kratz who was a partisan in WW2.My father was involved with the underground in Hungary.His bloodline were Russian 100's of years ago and settled in the Carpathian Mountains by Romania and the Tiza River (Sighet area).When my dad was around 18 he moved to Budapest on his opwn and eventually was put into forced labor but he escaped.He got fals papers and joined an underground cell supplying ration cards , news , communications to partisans that he said came from Yugoslavia and blew up trains , kiled nazis , ect.
      He was turned in and then tortured by the Gestapo and the local ******* Nyilas (brutal collaborating thugs) then they put him in Dachau and 3 more camps till his liberation.
      I got a great online central documentary section:
      Kratz Family Carpathian Jewry Holocaust Memorial
      I think you WW2 buffs will like reading thru my site and learning some new maybe facts.

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions.Keep the good and bad comments going on movies as we learn more from the variety of opinoins on films.
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      • Welcome gorehound, you have most of the good movies already it seems! Congrats. Interesting family history too!


        • Welcome bud, yea very interesting history your family has. You ought to research it a bit sometime.


          • I also have downloaded some Russian films with no subs unfortunately like 5-part Liberation and Alka.

            Really unfortunate.I watched about an hour's worth of Alka liked the visuals had no idea what any were saying and took it off.I would love to buy a copy that had english English subs to find on the net.

            5 Part Liberation looks great and I have been watching it a bit but it put me to sleep a few times being bored not understanding the speaking lines.Battle scenes look awesome for a movie that old.It really surprises me that no one has put out english subs on this important film.

            I will just hope these and more will come out with english subs.I also tried to watch 3 or 4 more films only in Russian but gave up on that idea.From now on I will only watch a Russian movie if it has english subs.spoken lines/character developement is as important as the visuals and I lose out doing this.

            If any of you know where to get these films with subs or if you know where i can get subs i would love to see Alka and Liberation someday.


            • Some words about "Admiral": is it the opening part (a duet with German battleship) base on real fact? I see it too fantastic.

              In general and in my own opinion, "Admiral" is not a good movie. The same bias as some Soviet movies!
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              • A Titanic-alike script!


                • Critical Review is a Must

                  Part art, part history, part propaganda. As with most Historical Art you must be critical and research from several sources and angles. The average propagandist relies on laziness for this breeds ignorance, and he relies on ignorance to "sell his pitch" so to speak.
                  The mind of man knows no employment more worthy of its powers than the quest of
                  righteousness in human affairs; no goal of its labours that is superior to the discovery of the good in the guidance of life.


                  • From now on I will only watch a Russian movie if it has english subs.spoken lines/character developement is as important as the visuals and I lose out doing this.

                    If any of you know where to get these films with subs or if you know where i can get subs i would love to see Alka and Liberation someday.[/QUOTE]

                    I had similar plans like you, decided to buy only russian historical movies with
                    english or german subtitles.
                    But I sense, that most of them will never be marketed in the west.
                    So now with a collection of over 400 of them, I decided to learn some russian, and I learned a bit by watching them. The movies are simply to darn interesting to be ignored. I do even rent them out to the canadian
                    customers in my Video-Store in Parry Sound Ontario:

                    19 Miller Street
                    Parry Sound
                    P2A 1S7

                    Off course, I only get the "Die Hard History Buff Crowd", but it is worth it.
                    I get tremendous interest and feed-back from the puplic.

                    Have you read my feedback on "ALKA" ?
                    They have a weird rating system:
                    6 total votes, 3 voted a [10] 2 voted a [6] and only one voted a [1]
                    averaging a [5.2]

                    A lot of the russian war-flicks or better called Boevik's i bought came in
                    on DVD's with up to 10 titles on on a disc, for just around $9.99.
                    A real bargain.
                    I got most from those ebay sellers:

                    and welcome on board !


                    • Germany has released some WW2 classics

                      From , in german language only. They are mostly from the DEFA



                      I have watched the two above before earlier just in russian language only , didn't understand most of it, so it was a real treat wathing them in german.
                      Those movies where original made in most warsaw pact languages.

                      This one below I just ordered from (another Stalingrad movie)


                      And a russian Civil-War Epic: (HOW THE STEEL WAS MENDED)


                      • Some good old GDR Classic's

                        That will probably never be released in the west, because they havn't lost the timelessness of their content, dealing with the western industries and their complicity with fascism:

                        1.) Archiv des Todes

                        2.) Ernst Schneller

                        3.) Artur Becker

                        4.) Hans Baimler

                        5.) Markische Chronik

                        Those movies above contain long and very good sequences of the spanish civil war and WW2 in eastern europe.

                        They also have some russian actors like Sergeji Bondartchuck starring in them.
                        Also the noble indian DEFA star Gojko Mitic plays in parts of those movies.
                        An american guest Star is in it too ean Reed.

                        The movies above, are some of the best in my opinion, I have ever seen.
                        I realy love the scenes from the spanish civil war, of the likes that you will only find in movies like "FIVE CARTRIDGES"
                        They portray internationalism at it's very best, fighting fascism.


                        I believe they must have been all released in Russia too.


                        • I don't like the way "Admiral" dumb Sergei Bondachuk and "Voina i Mir" in the last scene.


                          • Admiral Miniseries

                            I only have the DVD, I liked it, but expected more.
                            I rather would have watched the miniseries.
                            There is a miniseries of this version mentioned on the imdb, but I do not know how long.


                            • There is a new English language film from director Edward Zwick who directed such films as Glory, The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond. It is about four Jewish brothers from Poland who join up with Soviet partisans. The movie stars Daniel Craig (James Bond).

                              It looks like quite the action movie, not so much drama. Nevertheless I think it might be an interesting watch even if just for the action scenes


                              • Looks like typical Hoolywood, will they never make movies like Stalingrad and Idi i Smootri again?
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