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    *So no one volunteers? They just drafted you if the time was right? I actually was going to get rid of that part and make him older.

    In peaceful time – yes.

    Man who served in Army earlier and has military specialty can be volunteer (in some conditions)

    Or man could stay in Army when time of his draft was over.

    *Okay so NO volunteers early. Okay I can adjust him to join during the Finnish War then right?

    As I know Red Army asked volunteers in time of Finnish War. But it was about men with ski training and not far from battle region only not about untrained young boys.

    * But, could you explain the komsomol a little more... its an interesting concept.

    What do you want to know?

    >>>If this guy was young so he couldn't be Communist.

    *Interesting to the age thing again... I might have to write the book's writers and let them know about some of this.

    Usually only very good people became Party members in young age. They have to be example for others. As I know there was 21 year restriction (I asked in work 50-years woman who was not too little in Communist times (I was only pioneer) and she answered it but she was not sure)

    *This is the reason he dislikes him. This character's family was and still is a working class family. They were the ones that the Revolution was meant to benefit. Instead they are about in the same spot as before and the other character's family who was aristocratic has gotten more benefits somehow.

    You use US situation for Russian conditions, you describe US problems of some parts of US soldiers in WWII time. In US if your family is poor so it is difficult to get success in life so many guys thought about it. In USSR there was no too difference between people and ANYONE had possibility to become everyone. Education was FREE. If you didn’t get good education and success in life so it was your blame not blame of your poor family. Son of poor men could become a Great general or scientist without problems. Schools in USSR were relatively equal in most parts of country. Moreover, if you were son of peasant or worker you had advantage in getting Higher Education. Also there was rule to develop backward regions so there was rule to give advantages to representatives of these regions.

    And aristocratic parents were VERY large problems for their children (they were representatives of “exploiters” class). Moreover, children of workers were proud that they were representatives of “working class” which was considered most progressive class of society.

    *Interesting... If you "brain-wash" them before they get older you eliminate dissent. So that means technically the Moore's Theory of "Utopia" (NO government is perfect because when the human factor is added in it falls apart) can't happen since the only way it can is if the people realize, but they can't since it is engrained that they are doing the good thing.

    There are not only Soviet but RUSSIAN features of Russian people. In USSR and Russia interests of society were higher than interests of individual.

    And those things which are bad for US are good according Russian view. US rules of life are not truth for other peoples, we also suppose that some US things are bad. For example, you suppose that it is indication of freedom to place legs on table, we suppose that it is indication of lack of respect to other people in room. If American will suffer in concrete conditions it doesn’t mean that Russian will suffer in these conditions and vice versa. Do not use US rules for other peoples.

    And if people had no dissent so it was problem only if they understood that it was bad.

    *I knew that. I don't know why though.. Morale?

    Vodka in frontline was against frost and stress.

    What do you want from me? Ask concretely.

    As I suppose your images are wrong. It looks like Russians were able only to drink alcohol or to be Communists or anti-Communists. But I do not know reasons of your “image making” and what did you want to get...


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      Sorry I have MANY MANY questions and I need to organize them out or I'll be asking for information on things in general.

      As I say there is no greater research tool than the source itself... in this case you... who happens to be Russian.

      I'll try to get my questions organized and ask you about certain things about life at the time in Russia.
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