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    Hi all,
    Is this site a well-known one ?
    It seems to give the Russian OrBat month by month on every Front.
    Is it good ? Tell me your opinion.
    I have hard times with translation but I can pick some infos.

    Hope this is helpfull.

    Staff Edit: All, be advised that this site may or may not request that you install software on your computer. I am not sayin it is good or bad, simply that you should proceed with caution.
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    I don't know one way or the other, mate, but I do know that the site was blocked by my system before it could install some sort of software.

    I did not recieve any sort of negative alerts but, not being one fluent in Russian, I proceeded no further.

    I wonder if any others might know more?

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      It is more simple than that.
      Just go to this address:
      There you will see the list of subdirectories for earch of the year from 1941 t o1945. Inside each of them is a relevant html file which you can open. Bingo.
      Kind regards

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        It's among the most interesting sites containing useful information!
        I often use it for help of my friends..
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          Originally posted by amvas View Post
          It's among the most interesting sites containing useful information!
          I often use it for help of my friends..

          I have to agree! I didn't know of this site. Right off the bat, I found GKO Order No.1, which changed the future of the T-34, and the course of the war. I have much digging to do here.

          Thanks for the link. This is the title page:

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            This is an excellent site, full of goodies like the copies of the 'Combat Composition of the Red Army' you showed at first. Most of the information on this site I had collected in paper form over the years (1500 pages of the Combat Composition, copied from microfiche at ridiculous expense!), but I now go to the website for most of it - much faster than digging through ,y crates of paper files looking for it!


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