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T-34 Incendiary munition

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  • T-34 Incendiary munition

    I was reading a autobiography of one Alpini (Italian Mountain infantry)...

    In the background he described his mission on ewe of Russian offensive against Italian 8th Army.His platoon was making part of motorised reserve sent behind the infantry divisions.
    In the early morning while his group was moving in probably earlier captured Russian truck and they suddenly encountered Russian tank which penetrated thin Italian lines.
    However Russian crew (they had red flag on turret) waved to them! (probably thinking they were Russians too).Now,the author mentions interesting fact.He said crew resumed the fire on near village using "incendiary grenades" which provoked fire along isba wooden houses.

    I was curios,and I ask if such incendiary munition ever existed and if it was used in combat role?Or simply it was normal HE grenades which Italian soldiers changed for incendiary?Btw time is December of 1942.
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    I didn't hear of incendiary ammo for T-34 tank main gun.

    On the other side, wooden huts can be easily set on fire by ordinary MG incendiary ammo, which could be available. (at least today is, like API)


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      Standard load was HE, AP, and a few subcaliber rounds. I don't think there was a 76mm incendiary round.
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        It might have been an OT-34 with a flamethrower instead of a bow mounted machine gun.


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