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    A group of female pilots flew nightly harrassment missions over ratzi lines during the fighting on the Eastern Front. We learned about them at the Flying Heritage Museum near Seattle.

    A photo of one of their planes

    If stupid was a criminal offense Sea Lion believers would be doing life.

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    Nataliya Meklin, Night Witch

    Just to let you all know, especially the guys, I've been noticing some of the messages posted concerning the Soviet female pilots, the Night Witches, and I would like to say one thing:
    In regards to Nataliya Meklin, please be respectful, the poor woman is dead. I've been seeing things about her like- sexy, beautiful, stunning, would like to go to bed with her, etc., Although these comments are, I hope, compliments, I don't think any of you would like strangers to say something like that about a female member in your families if they had served in the military. Nataliya was a very attractive woman when she was living. However, the Night Witches were very brave and courageous women who should be respected.
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      German soldiers called them "nacht hexen", they were flying Po-2, Polikarpov 1928 crop dusters planes, no parachute, when over the target, the engine was cut off, so they were silently gliding over the German trenches, precision bombing at its best
      I've heard this stories for the first time in Northern Ontario copper mine in 1969, talking to German POW's, who did not return to Germany after the war and choose to stay in Canada. I did not believe these stories - then later, these were mentioned in several books and now thanks to Internet, we know the whole story - night witches indeed, hats off to these ladies of the night


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