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    Battlefield trip to the southwest of St. Petersburg

    Last Tuesday I went on a battlefield trip to investigate the sites for a new excursion. Here are some pics:

    Monument to the first tank that broke into Ropsha

    Google Earth coordinates: 5943'20.10"С 2951'15.16"В

    The plaque says: "In this area on January 19th, 1944 the tankers of the Leningrad from who started their attacks from Oranienbaum district and Pulkovo area, locked an iron ring around the grouping of Faschist murderers who shelled the city of Lenin with their long-range guns".

    The tank bears some battle damage, as it was heavily battered by the German anti-tank artillery.

    Yeah, I'm a fan of KVs, if someone hasn't noticed

    Monument to the heroic NKVD cadets of Novo-Peterhof military-political school, who defended the approaches to Gatchina for 5 days despite being completely outnumbered, outgunned and outgeneraled.

    Google coordinates: 5930'38.88"С 2953'49.35"В

    I'll post more pics later

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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      "Kolokolnya" ("Belltower") hill, the highest hill of the Leningrad province (105.3 metres), had an observers' post on it, and served as a pivital point for the bridgehead's defenses.

      A few trenches were reconstructed on the top of the hill.

      A memorial to the defenders with a few wartime relics on it, a painted infantry trench shield among them. Some vandals have stolen a plate that was attached to the memorial stone.

      Another memorial at the former frontline

      The "Bunker" memorial, dedicated to the naval infantrymen that held defence at the Eastern side of the bridgehead.

      Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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