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  • Battlefields and memorials thread

    Here are some photos of the Nevsky Bridgehead, one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Leningrad front, that I made this and last year.

    The battlefield

    Search groups and "black diggers" still keep digging the field, and there is still a lot to be found. Approximately in the center of the field there is a big crater where army sappers used to blow up unexploded shells that were found on the site.

    Views of the opposite bank

    River bank

    A big share of all soldiers that died on the Bridgehead drowned during the crossing of the river. The locals said that even several decades after the war's end the river washes ashore the soldiers' bones after every spring flood. It's not too hard to believe given that several thousand people drowned on the square of less than 0.5 kilometre. Here is a March 2008 picture of the river bank with some shell-shaped object. Most probably it was an empty shell thrown away by sappers or "black diggers". Not being an expert, I decided to keep away from it.

    Common grave


    Some abandoned phone wire spool

    The Borderstone Monument

    The writing says:

    That we never wished to abandon this land

    And we never did

    We fought to death
    By the dark Neva

    We died
    So that you might live

    Grave of a soldier who died on the first day of the Siege

    Savelyev Semyon Yakovlevich
    died 08.09.1941

    Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of Mamaev Hill and other memorials in Stalingrad that I visited last summer

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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    Here are the pictures from my last year's visit to Volgograd. Actually I was going to visit my university friend who invited all our class to come visit her place - she lives in a village in about 10 kilometres from Elista, the capital of Kalmykia (the westernmost Buddhist republic in the world). So I and a guy from another university group who was also invited took a bus there - that's a 24 hour ride! Stopping in Volgograd was an obvious choice, for the bus actually passed though it on its way to Elista. I had only one day there, so I did it the "Japanese way", frantically taking pictures of pretty much everything that was of interest to me.

    As far as most forum members needn't be enlightened on the battle of Stalingrad, I choose the pictures lesser known places.

    Monument to the members of the Union of Communist Youth (Komsomol) that took part in the city's defense

    Monument to civilian victims of German bombings

    The house sign says "Coventry street" - Volgograd and Coventry are "twin" or "brother" cities

    The Volga river

    Picture from a local historical museum called "Tsaritsyn, the outpost of Muscovy on Volga river". The city was founded in 1589.

    Portrait of Pugachev, painted over the portrait of Catherine the Great.

    Memorial to the city's founders

    A tree that survived the battle

    Monument to Ruben Ruis Ibarurri (Passionaria's son), VVS major Kamenshikov and artillery captain Fattahutdinov

    Poster promoting German language classes

    One of four paintings on the ceiling of the railway station
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    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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      Volgograd and Battle of Stalingrad pictures continued

      Civil War and Great Patriotic War memorial

      A postcard put on display in one of the city's museums

      Where: Perelazov, Stalingrad district, Peschanaya st., 9
      To: Litvinenko Darya Mikhailovna

      "Dear Darya!
      What a sorrow!
      I've just seen Victor off to the draft station. Probably they'll send [him] to the front. I'm writing and weeping. What is going to happen? What's with father and Alexey, haven't they been mobilised?
      Kisses to all of you
      Write me back immediately

      An NKVD officer's uniform

      Khalkin-Gol and Battlefield Merits medals

      Some uniforms I didn't look up descriptions of

      The Stalingrad Madonna

      War trophies in the Defense of Stalingrad diorama museum
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      Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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        Il-2 near the museum

        Walls of the Mamayev hill memorial complex

        Engraving on the wall at the entrance to the Eternal Fire hall

        Eternal Fire and the Honour Guard

        Chuikov's grave

        Classical view of the Motherland statue

        View of the Volga from the top of the hill, at the foundation of the Motherland statue

        Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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          Вы !
          знайте . . .

          Not much more to say.

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            very good stuff well done


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              fantastic pictures, ....more more more, ...i like it when you turn all Japanese tourist...!!!!


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                otlichno! spasibo!


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                  Wow! this is great!!! thanks for all the pics. I'v been meaning to do these tours myself. Thanks for the link as well how to get on these tours.


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                    Originally posted by vado55 View Post
                    Wow! this is great!!! thanks for all the pics. I'v been meaning to do these tours myself. Thanks for the link as well how to get on these tours.
                    Thanks, you can also do them on your own - if you decide to come here I could send you some info on getting to these places. I still try to keep the prices as low as possible so that even backpackers would consider taking them a better option than doing everything by themselves.

                    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                      KV-85 memorial in Avtovo

                      This unique (only 148 units produced) heavy KV-85 tank took part in the Siege Lifting operation 18.01-27.01 1944.


                      A shell hit can be seen on the commander's cupola

                      Pillbox next to the tank and some British reenactors in front of it


                      Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                        Beautiful! thanks for sharing!
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                          The monument to the women who served in Leningrad AA defence detachments is one of the most unusually modernist memorials of the Great Patriotic War. Created by sculptor Lev Smorgon and architect Igor Matveev, it was unveiled in 2002.


                          Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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                            Now that sounds interesting, got any links or information on that?


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                              There were guys from W.A.R.S. reenactment society and 63rd Guards Rifles



                              Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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