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Amazing Soviet War Paintings

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    Some Winter War paintings:

    Pics and descriptions taken from:

    Storming of Vyborg. Artist - ?

    Heroic feat of outpost commander Shmagrin, 27.12.1939. Artist V. Tokarev.

    In the pursuit of a finnish squad which raided the Soviet territory, border guards of the 1st outpost of the 1st border guard detachment were ambushed and got pinned down on the ice of Topozero lake. Senior Lieutenant M.T. Shmagrin, who led the border guards, started lobbing handgrenades at the approaching Finns. His bold actions saved the group, but he was mortally wounded in this battle. Shmagrin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner posthumously.

    Garrison's heroic defence. Artist V. Pamfilov

    Battle of 13 border guards with a Finnish detachment in the night from the 24th to the 25th of January 1940 at the border of the Murmansk province. In the aftermath of the battle 11 border guards were killed, 2 were severely wounded. Private Alexander Spekov, whom the Finns attempted to take prisoner, blew himself up with a handgrenade when the enemies approached him.

    Surrender of the White Finns. Artist A. Vladimirov

    Bunker is silenced forever. Artist M. Avilov
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    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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      Those are excellent, thanks for sharing them.
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        Excellent as usual ShAA!
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